Rush Logistics

Setting the Standard for Reliablility and Value Since 1997.

About Rush Logistics

Rush Logistics is a family owned Chicago based company serving businesses in the movement of dry goods in truckload quantities. Since beginning operations in 1997 Rush Logistics has continuously developed its propriatary technology suite for matching up backhaul capacity effectively and efficiently. Our fully integrated in-house technology allows us to manage every aspect of the process with precision. The result is cost effective reliable service for our customers.

What sets us apart


Reliability at a reasonable price. Our customers benefit from the highest level of reliability available. We are an on-demand carrier that follows through on delivering the capacity as promised.


Because we have built our own information system from scratch over the past 20 years it allows for our systems to be fully integrated and flexible. As a result our channels of commuication are directly tied into all facets of our transactions resulting in up to the minute communication for our customers, our customer's clients and our vendors.


Rush Logistics is a company fit to serve a customers needs year in and year out. With a twenty year plus track record our customers benifit from conistent continuity of service during all seasons year after year.